NEMI is a Mexican organization founded in 1996 with the aim of participating actively in Mexico's social development through school and community programs. Throughout its 20 years of experience, NEMI has professionalized its entire operation with high quality standards, broadening its scope and improving its results with a uniquely designed model of on-site operations, earning the support of the most important strategic allies in the country and becoming the organization with the greatest reach and operating capacity in Mexico.

Thanks to the quality and success of its programs, NEMI has extended its efforts to 32 states in Mexico and directly benefited more than 17 million people.

Humanism: the comprehensive advancement of every human being is at the core of our mission.

High impact social action: we are committed to society and carry out high impact actions by professionalizing the quality of every program and working closely with each group and community.

Transparency: Each program stresses visibility, scope and follow-up.

Sustainable development: all groups served are active participants in their programs.

Efficacy: we are constantly optimizing processes to improve the cost-benefit ratio.

To serve as a transcendental engine of change for Mexico's social development, through education and the formation of complete individuals, encouraging a social commitment toward and in communities, and through transparency and accountability.

By creating and implementing school, community and business programs across the nation in direct contact with beneficiary communities, NEMI addresses social development needs in partnership with government institutions and private enterprise.

  1. Education, prevention and training programs for primary and secondary schools.
  2. Professional development programs geared toward university students.
  3. Community development programs.
  4. Corporate volunteer programs.
  5. Fundraising and donation administration programs.
  6. Food bank collection programs.
  7. Systems for follow-up, transparency and accounting of programs.


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