A preventive and formative educational cycle that is offered free of charge to public and private schools and which deals with topics of human advancement that strengthen people's integrity and give teenagers tools for making decisions in this vital phase of their development. The effort is geared toward teenagers between 12 and 18 years of age. All of the content is grounded in universal values and seeks to build awareness in order to bring about positive changes at the personal level.

Key topics:

  • Preventing addiction.
  • Preventing bullying.
  • Zero tolerance of alcohol consumption by minors.
  • Prevention of gender violence.
  • Entrepreneurships.
  • Financial education.
  • Nutrition and health.
  • Intelligent communication.
Preventive School Program (PSP)

Specialized training for teachers and administrators in high-risk school districts. The program generates preventive skills for providing primary attention and containing and reducing risky behavior by teenagers.